Brad's Journal - November 12, 2002


If I allowed myself to fully understand all at once, what I have experienced, people I have met and the joy I've seen on this tour, than I would fall to my knees, overwhelmed. It seems to me that I have been on this journey for years rather than months. This illusion allows me to slowly comprehend the changes that I have undergone. To put new thoughts and wisdom into perspective. To realize in good time how I will never be the boy I once was and am not yet the man I can and want to be. This poem came to me after reading a letter from a woman I'd met two days ago, and feeling as if years separated us.

Letters days old
Seem years away,
Removed slightly out of tune
So as no hurt can stop
Two varying
Memories being one.

New holds come fast
Hard to stay
-the last...
From fading-slowly-now quickened
To keep this heart whole.
I'd break
If unable to forget
Some of the beauty I've seen.

Continuing within Regrets palm
I'd stay,
If all Love remained at once
Seen naked by sole eye,
Vanishing in slight for awhile
To gain clear lines in Time-when
I stand ready-realize-comprehend
Entirely how wondrous-all
Given to me has been
Across this country
This home
This life.

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