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The Kindness Crew is made up of four professional speakers who specialize in injecting kindness and compassion into schools and the workplace. The four injection facilitators share stories and videos from their Extreme Kindness Tour, which saw them dispense extreme kindness across Canada for over 109 days. It was a groundbreaking charity marathon that rallied companies like SAS Canada, Columbia Sportswear, CHIP Hospitality, Telus, SOLE Footbeds and Netgenetix Media under the banner of kindness. Networks like CNN, CTV, CBC and the BBC broadcast their message around the globe.

The Crew are regular keynote speakers for the United Way, have spoken at over 100 schools across Canada and present regularly to business audiences about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the importance of infusing passion and fun back into life and the workplace.

Their book, Cool to be Kind: Random Acts and How To Commit Them, can be found in bookstores everywhere starting June 1st, 2004.

The Kindness Injection

The Kindness Injection is a high-energy, mixed-media presentation that teaches audiences how to reach their potential and experience the joy of being kind.


"This country is in good (kind!) hands with bright, connected guys like these. I’m reassured!"
C.A.F.E. (Canadian Association Of Family .Enterprise) Conference participant

"Excellent role models for all ages."
C.A.F.E. Conference participant

"We care about the people in our communities and one of our values is appreciation and respect for all: that means for out associates, for the community and for our customers. What this does is it creates an emotional bond with our associates and the community we live in, and that is just good business"
Minaz Abji, CHIP President

"An exhilarating, hilarious presentation with a timely message. My company will learn from this."
C.A.F.E. Conference participant

"What can I say in addition to all the evaluations and worksheets from the students? I knew the Crew would be a huge success but didn’t realize to what extent their influence would be on such a diverse group!"
Jean Farina, Career Center Assistant, .Langley School of Fine Arts

what youth are saying about extreme kindness

"The performance was amazingly captivating and energetic, involving the whole audience. It gave a lasting impression and instilled a wonderful drive to do kindness!"
Grade 10 Student

"It was full of energy and every person came out of that class, positive and aware of other people’s feelings"
Grade 9 Student

"It was a wonderful & encouraging reminder of the potential each of us has to make a difference in other people’s lives."
Grade 9 Student

"Most definitely I would recommend this to my peers for it completely changes ones perspective on kindness and suggests how to express it most creatively,-Inspiring!" Grade 10 Student

"Kindness heightens your life-it is entirely vital!"
Grade 10 Student

"What I gained from this workshop can’t really be put in terms of specific things I learned. Mostly, I was just really inspired to see how far genuine love and kindness can go just from putting it out there."
Grade 11 Student

"The guys also really made clear the importance of following your heart, however cheesy that may sound. It was definitely an invaluable experience."
Grade 11 Student

"I would recommend this to EVERYONE. Its so powerful and important for people to see other people doing good things for each other in an ‘un-nerdy’ way."
Grade 11 Student

"Kindness has become sort of an ‘un-cool’ thing and this workshop demonstrates that it isn’t."
Grade 11 Student

"This session reminded me that I can help other people whenever and in whatever I do."
Grade 10 Student


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