Brad's Journal - August 29, 2002

Since Monday I have not had a chance to stop and breath until now. Our good friend Chad from Abbotsford, a beautiful person in everyway, has given us a rest from the chaos of the last three days. I’m so excited that we all might actually (note the spelling E-Hanson, nothing could be the father from the truth baby) get some sleep tonight. The response to the tour has been incredible. People all over are really starting to believe in the concept of simply being nice to someone else. The media coverage has also been amazing and finally just one quick meeting with Much Music and we are off to see the country.

Brads Stoked Factor: Mad Max episodes with the RV, Protesting for Kindness and being in the right place at the right time to move 100 beds, heavy freezers and free pizzas’.

Brads Stress Factor: LACK OF SLEEP

Speaking of which I’ve gotta get to bed.

But first remember everything in life works out perfectly if you only open yourself to every possibility. Also, detach thyself from what cannot be controlled


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