Brad's Journal - November 9, 2002

Kelly (our wonderful camera man) wanted me to write a particular piece on an adventure where I was absent. However, I experienced some severe writers block so I wrote this instead.

Just Notes
   Vague wanderings
Upon a tapestry of indecision,
Fencing Antagonists with no
Pro's in sight
   Amidst an army of parts.
   Be they but 'Men of Parts'
And I-the Museful-no
Less a Writer
   Would play upon a play
Within whether without
A scene at least!
   Where one, just one;
Could... Speak...
   Words on the rhyme
Of My verse.
Or perhaps lend me two:
Heroes undecided,
Who could duel with swords
War in their speech
Oh! I could paint them sailing
Over a sea of taunts
   If this canvas did but dry-Wit
Mine is at an end.

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