Brad's Journal - October 7, 2002

Thunder Bay

Leaving Thunder Bay and headed east once again, we drive along the shores of the world’s largest lake. Val has spelled me from the driving for awhile and was promptly rewarded by a passing drivers wave and smile. I don’t normally write as much as the other three so forgive me if I jump around a bit. Winnipeg was a lot of fun with great coverage and energy from the local media and public. By far some of the nicest people I have ever met abide in that town. An Anglican Priest by name of Father Henry was very cool with a Jamaican accent mon and talk of its fine rum donch ya no. Once we hit the end of the prairies though I discovered how much I had missed the scent of tree’s and lakes. Ontario feels very much like coming home even though I have never been here before. I find that, more than anywhere, I imagine what it must have been like to grow up or live here, as we pass a certain house or inlet of blue perfection. Thunder Bay was fun but tiring with little sleep or proper physical activity. My body and mind are definitely out of sorts somewhat. I hope that before Toronto we will all be able to regroup and recharge. No matter how much we try to slow down at times there is always a must see or must do opportunity that arises. Kindness sleeps for no man. On the positive side I have experienced more in five weeks than some people do in their entire lives. From riding wild horses, running with buffalo, climbing mountains in a day, skating in West Edmonton Mall, driving tractors and meeting a new friend around every bend of the road, we have had a multitude of adventures.

Oh man the leaves are so beautiful here as they near Halloween and winters fall. I miss my mother at times like this and wish so very much that she could see where I am now.

Hold on a sec…Johnny Pants is telling me to check out the view of Lake Super………..okay I’m back thanks for waiting.

I have also learned about who I am and who I want to be one day. This journey is the first step of many new beginnings but I hopefully will stay the course of being kind for the rest of my life. The longer we do this the more I believe in its importance and our potential to change the world. To steal a quote from the book and movie, “The Power of One”, “a waterfall starts with a single drop of water and look at what comes of that” (more or less the right text I think). Terrible things can happen due to the actions of one person so why not the opposite as well. People often ask if we really believe that we can make a difference, well why not? Four is better than one I would imagine, when it comes to making a difference.

A man pointed out the other day that people who volunteer all the time deserve the recognition and not us for kindness. Well my friend we are volunteering ourselves 24-7 in new and various ways all the time. We’re getting peoples attention and making them smile and laugh a little more than yesterday. Ya gotta cut us a little slack come on. We’re not trying to take away from the positive actions of anyone else. Instead we are only trying something different with the hope that other’s will be inspired to do the same in their own unique way. It’s so easy to see the negative in any action, yet so worth it to find the beauty first.

All right then I’m outta here once again. Take care and email me some poetry.

Brads Creative Challenge: Write a sentence with a meaning that changes with the way it is said. The expression ‘I love you’ for example, can mean various things depending upon the tone, sarcasm, volume and body language of the speaker.

Yours Kindly,

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