Brad's Journal - September 22, 2002

Writing from Saskatoon recovering from a rough cold, reflecting on the last few weeks and feeling very tired but content none the less. Red Deer brought back some old memories as I used to live in the area a long long time ago. Edmonton of course brought some excitement with RAOK in West ED Mall. I don‚t care how sick you are, the waterpark is a definite must. The highlight of Edmonton for me however, was seeing the Childrens Hospital. It was one of the few hospitals that I actually enjoyed being in. I believe that when it comes to healing, a persons atmosphere is just as important as anything else. The buffalo farm was a close second though, thanks a lot Milan for an experience of a lifetime.

After that particular high comes a certain low with a 7 hour drive to my present location. I‚m loving the RV but after 5 straight hours behind the wheel I start to lose it. Saskatoon is tons of fun with costumes once again coming into the game plan. In a couple days we head off to Regina but hopefully we‚ll have a few more opportunities to find some kind adventures before we go. Speaking of which, I'm gone.

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