Brad's Journal - October 20, 2002


Okay, Okay, Okay. I am aware of the fact, that out of the kind four, I am
the least vocal in words both spoken and written. Well I’m back with bad
spelling, bad poetry, bad jokes and a great attitude. Today I shall attempt to make up for my lacking in the journal arena. My main problem in keeping up with the other guys is that I have a harder time getting to a computer. So I have tried to jot down some hand written notes, here and there, to jog my memory for when I actually can type down my thoughts. Some of these
short insights tend towards the poetry side of prose as I am a little too lazy to write it out plainly. So please, if my verse lacks a little in
beauty and polish, don’t be too hard on it as ya might hurt my feelings.

I wrote this down while driving across the plains as the day slowly set into


Plains of grass where mountains once
climbed within
a gypsy’s eye
This ocean of
Ages Past
now dry.
East Coast fiddles
dance us towards
a new blue
“Brad where are we?”
“Chris man,
I don’t have a clue.

”So no snow yet, but we all witnessed a beautiful display of the northern lights and hey I just happen to have written a little ditty about it that goes something like this:

Think of ghosts upon
early Fall sky
Never known love but
believe in White lies
Imagine that they’l stay
stay and be
Here in the morn, yeah on
This Melody;
Ride Ride Ride
dark phoenix night
Send your song on
a cold wind light
A brother cry’s,
never seen
Soul washed out,
now am clean,
Give your autumn
with winter near
Towards that ride,
all must steer.

That in a nutshell was the northern lights for me.Toronto was a personal highlight as I was able to see some old friends who I haven’t been in contact with for awhile. Going to the National Ballet was a hoot as we received some instruction in the art of stretching, grace and massaging sore feet. Dave (our night owl writer) and I also busted out at 3:00 am, with some local friends, to drive to Niagara Falls. There I was able to witness one of my favorite metaphors inaction(see previous journal, I think). Important lesson is to leave the cameras at home sometimes, take your writer and enjoy the adventure.

Just recently we all went to our first Octoberfeist in Kitchener, hugged
employees at Columbia headquarters in London, cleaned some university dorm rooms in Western and were spoiled by our lovely billets, the Kingsley family. Erik and our incredible friend Christa, also were able to surf the great lakes due to the wind blowing jussssst the right way. Yes E was Stoked!

Okay no more verse or prose justa simple good night.


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