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Help TV- our second in studio talk show appearance, but our first live appearance! The structure of the forum, appeared very chaotic, but obviously we fit perfectly into this. All the hosts and speakers were outlandish, and hyper intelligent- there was never a dull moment. We felt honored and inspired by the hosts compliments regarding our tour. This is the type of encouragement always helps to keep us focused and grounded. There have been so many setbacks on this path, before the tour and during, and it is the generosity of strangers that often help us to keep our heads up.
Always looking for a new experience and a new way to perform our acts of kindness, Val accepted an offer from one of the hosts to teach us how to become drag queens. I am still reeling, trying to think about how that will translate into an act of kindness, but it will definitely be interesting and entertaining…it has been a while since I have worn a dress. Hopefully Christin won’t mind if I borrow (and stretch) one of her dresses for the occasion. My eyes from lack of sleep are paining me now, therefore I am signing out once again.. Good night, sleep tight!

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