Chris's Journal - August 31, 2002

The week that stretched before me seemed like a decade away this morning, I had a nervous excitement about how our tour would kick off: from the press conference to our acts on the street of Vancouver, nothing could be predicted. It was hard to focus and stay balanced amongst all of the thoughts that crowded my waking mind. I remember feeling the same sort anxiety during my adolescence, when I would lye awake the night before a presentation, my stomach constricting, ready to strike any passing thought of speaking in front of my peers. It took me over ten years to successfully move through this.

But, I was no longer afraid, my friends and this tour had given me strength unlike any I had felt before. Kindness is truly reciprocal and it was giving me the gift of confidence, something, no drug or therapy had given to me. There were so many unknowns ahead, and so much pressure that we were putting on ourselves; but we had finally done it! After dedicating two years of our lives to inspiring people, we were able to take our show on the road. Leaving Garden City, I knew that I was about to embark on a lark that would profoundly change my life.

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