Chris's Journal - September 6, 2002

If felt like we would never leave the grasp of the city. But, after two extra days in the urban jungle, we were finally able to leave Vancouver. The media was really embracing our project, and so was the city. I felt like we were really creating community and this was shown in the smiles and hugs we were receiving on the streets. Our kindness crew t-shirts seemed like an invitation for people to introduce themselves and share their stories of random kindness.

Rocketing out of the city away from Abbostford, I worried that there might have been an elastic band attached to our rear axil that would pull us back into the city if we ventured too far. Winding through the Fraser valley towards the coquihalla, I knew that we were safe from the grasp of the city…but we were slowing being pulled now by the hamlets of the interior. The first stop was Merritt…

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