Chris's Journal - Saskatoon

I was exhilarated yesterday after the marathon, but I was also completely exhausted; we worked for over twelve hours, and our acts spanned the spectrum. We massaged scalps, moved boxes and made sandwiches for hungry hotel guests. Without a break, we carried on until dusk. Being that it was David’s birthday, we went out for dinner to celebrate. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t fall asleep during his birthday song, and I managed to stick it out for the entire night.

During the afternoon, I mustered the strength to get out of the hotel to explore the city. Jogging allows me to feel the cityscape-the breezes, sidewalks, running trails and to smell the flora, the simmering foods and the occasional overturned garbage can. Progressively I could feel my mind and body unwinding with each familiar smell and new sight. These runs have been my savior from stress on the tour, and allow me to get a better sense for the geography of these communities.

Sitting by the river today after my run, I wondered if my grandmother had done the same at some point in her life. She grew up in Bethune, but I am sure she made many trips here in her youth. The character homes, and patchwork post- modern architecture, reminded me of Victoria, but I still longed for at least the smell of the ocean. The Saskatchewan river is soothing, but the Pacific ocean brings a peace that is unlike any other.

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