Val's Journal - October 31, 2002


Montreal has un reputatcion— lets just say its hard to shock a denizen of this lovely corner of Quebec.

Not even by noon on the first day we were ripping off our kindness crew t-shirts to be randomly kind to the McGill swim team. These Franglais dog-paddlers extrodinaires were braving the Quebec cold in Speedos to raise funds for their trip to South Africa (so they said).

“Hey, we need help!” the bare chested swim captain slurred through near hypothermic lips.
“Take our clothes off…for a good cause…honestly, no clothes?” Brad was the first to oblige; his shirt— in truth— was off at hey. They didn’t actually insist we strip to our sundry undies, just enough to feel naked in the chilly winter air. What ensued was one of our strangest acts of kindness to date: we had been enlisted to strip for the good of a varsity sports team.

Sizing up the situation and seeing that what was needed was more of a spectacle (you need more than nudity in Montreal to draw a crowd), we launched into an impromptu, and I think rather excellent, synchronized swim routine. Lots of air paddling, flower-formation shuffling and in-unison head turning. That managed to draw crowds, and loonies too. In hindsight, it could have been the fact that we were lying prostrate pretending to swim breaststroke as shiny-loafered businessmen gingerly strided over us while dropping a few bucks in the bin.

Sorry, no anecdotes about Erik eating 8 helpings of poutine, or us taking out 10 seniors on a twilight zone-esque shopping spree, or signing the golden book at city hall, or staying up 22 hours straight for the kind cause…nope, nothing.

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