Val's Journal - September 12, 2002

The whirlwind continues: Brad is conducting an early morning phone interview as I write this (I tried sandwiching my head between two pillows, it didn't work, so now I'm up).

Less than 24hrs left here in Cow Town: we have to split at 6ish tomorrow morning so we can go be downright kind in Red Deer. More prairie driving, nothing could be sweeter! ha ha.

We had a brilliant day yesterday: made the cover of section B in the Calgary Herald, threw together over 400 sandwiches to feed the hungry folks down at the Center of Hope then we capped off the day by bringing a little TLC to the Humane Society for Animals. I ended up ìbunny trainingî, no joke. Apparently the fluffy little fellas need the intellectual stimulation and a hearty horseplay session ever now and then. Non stop laughs, they are very expressive creature so if a bunny suddenly sprawls out in the middle of whatever itís doing then that means itís stoked beyond belief.

Highlight so far:
Driving the RV through the Rockies; weaving our way through the slender valleys of that mammoth mountain range. The sun was up early when I was behind the wheel and I could feel it stirring the blood in my cheeks. The fijords are so sheer, you occasionally plunge into shadow and the moistness of un-sunkissed morning. The trippy East Indian samplings of Talvin Singh in the background were an excellent substitute for coffee that particular am.

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