Its almost been two weeks on the road and already it seems we have had enough adventures to last a lifetime. Opportunities for performing kind deeds seem endless as the journey progresses. We are not always on the giving side of the kindness factor however. Many people have turned the tables on us and insisted upon helping instead of being helped. A lady in Langley noticed us playing hockey in a parking lot and would not take no for an answer when giving us a small donation to purchase coffee the next day. I suppose she noticed how tired and sleep deprived we all looked. In Merrit BC, an entire family took us in, fed us dinner at a huge annual gathering and taught us how to be cowboys. In Salmon Arm BC, the Hammer family once again adopted us all and provided three full days of food, shelter, activities and fun. These are just some of the many moments along the way, so far, that people we know and just met have gone out of their way to help and inspire us. We, the Kindness Crew, would like to say thank you to every person who has continued to show us that everyone needs some kindness.

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