I just heard about you on the radio this morning and checked out your
website. I live in the U.S.A. but since we live so close to Canada We listen
to stations from Victoria. Anyways, I saw how you are going to Seattle
Washington, and how you are in Vancouver, and I live on Orcas Island, which is right across from Vancouver, and I was just wondering, do you think you can visit Orcas Island? I don't really need any help with anything, I just want you guys to come see Orcas, and tell me what you think of the place.
Thanks, come if you can!Kindness Crew's reply:We would love to come see Orcas and I'm sure we would love your home. First though we have to getacross Canada and than the USA will hopefully follow. Connecting our two countries together with kindness is one of our primary goals. North America needs a lot of love right now and its people like you who we love performing RAOK for. 

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