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Bestselling authors, corporate trainers and internationally acclaimed advocates for social change, the Kindness Crew is sparking a global revolution in kindness. From audiences at Fortune 500 Companies to entire metropolitan centers, the Crew has inspired and mobilized millions to commit acts of community service.


Pushed and pulled
I feel shot
Caught in the middle
Whose advice should I steal?

What is happening in the world that we can all share joy and pride in? Are you proud to be a part of what our shared humanity is doing or has done? Personally I wish not just for one country or select group to shout and applaud. No I would like an encompassing moment for each person to share in. A moment of true peace?

Have we ever seen Peace; that shy and gentle maiden so often spoken of in poetry and Greek myth? Or are we just moving from and towards a new and different war?

War seems to me too profitable for business men to easily ask for peace so long as they are a phone call away from the field of battle,

But maybe one day we might see the rebirth of the electric car. I still hope.

Business, Power, Economics & Money; we must join these with a sense of morality and goodness. We must make kindness and success the same. Otherwise we will all lose what we most need.

Okay, okay I know I know I need to lighten up. I’m going to go hug a stranger. Baby steps.



T-shirt Challenge!

This weeks kindness crew challenge….

Buy a Kindness Crew shirt from the website , (or make one) and photograph yourself in a crazy or extreme position! You get bonus points if you’re doing a random act of kindness! Have fun!
Here’s my bro Jacob Hanson in Alaska in front of a real life Moose!



Get high on the Love Drug.

Have you ever looked at a baby, let slip an awwwwww, and felt all your worries dissolve? Or maybe you’ve been fighting with someone and they’ve unexpectedly apologized or shown you some surprise tenderness and you can feel your Ph flip from acidic to lovesick?

Of course you have.

Ever wondered what’s happening in your body when you feel it physically go from granny-smith-bitter to maple-syrup-sweet?

Chances are your pituitary gland has released some oxytocin into your system. Oxytocin is a hormone produced in the body and also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It is released when humans touch and show gentleness to one another or when we see something we’d call heart-warming, like good movie. Not surprisingly, oxytocin is found in very high levels in those that claim to be falling in love.

This hormone reduces blood pressure and cortisol levels which increases your tolerance to pain and reduces anxiety. Translation: doing good and being around those who spread love is good for your heart and will make you a healthier person.

So get out there and let the oxytocin flow, yo!


Small I, Big I

A few months ago, I had a personal “a-ha” moment in my musings of why it feels so good to give to others. The thought that I had was that basically the reason it feels good is because we remember the greater reality of our existence: we are all connected; we are all one. I found this quote today in Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind – informal talks on Zen Meditation, and at it made me remember this simple maxim for my life.

“Moment after moment we are creating something, and this is the joy of our life. But this “I” which is creating and always giving out something is not the “small I”; it is the “big I.” Even though you do not realize the oneness of this “big I” with everything, when you give something you feel good, because at that time you feel at one with what you are giving. This is why it feels better to give than to take”

Does this resonate?



There is method to my madness!

If you are a repeat viewer of extremekindness.com, or more specifically my blog, you may notice seemingly disparate posts thinly loosely tied together by a thread of kindness. They may seem random, however, they are all part of a master plan to put surfing pictures on the Internet! Ha Ha Ha! Yes, I’ve been scheming for months to find a way to make it all fit and fulfill my dream to make surfing a mandatory part of my work here at the Extreme Kindness. I’m getting there!

A couple of weeks ago you may have noticed a “Service Wipeout” post on the blog. The wipeout occurred while doing a beach cleanup with Surfrider Victoria, (of which I am a member of the executive team) Continuing on that theme I’d like to draw your attention to an event that epitomizes the spirit of both “Kindness in Sport” and putting “Passion into Action”

The Surfrider Clean Water Classic

Last weekend we ventured south to Westport Washington with funkloving crew of Canadians to compete in this Pro/Am surf contest designed to raise money for local Surfrider chapters. The competitors’ entry fee includes a year’s membership to Surfrider, (a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education) and entry into the contest. The weekend is filled with great events, amazing music, good vibes and epitomizes the spirit of having fun while making a difference. This is activism that is pretty easy to connect with. The community of Westport is always accommodating and even the hardest of locals pleasantly tolerate the flocks of imported surfers for the weekend. There are steadfast volunteers who consistently do all that is necessary to make the event run smoothly through sideways rain and blazing sun.

Basically put, the event is awesome. It perfectly suits it’s purpose. It creates awareness, cleans the beach and promotes positive connection between surfers on the northwest coast. If you know of an event that perfectly captures the spirit of kindness on many different levels please post it.

Enjoy the pictures. More to come (All photos taken by that same radical bro who took our cover shot for “A Call to Arms”, the one and only Dave Aharonian!)




A Sunrise Surf Session

a drippy lash
soaked salty lets go
a single
onto a bliss-bent cheek
over pores gasping
for more,
past a freckle – the creation of a star!
- it glides
now pausing
at lower lip level
in it
a panoramic of
absolutely all,
an encyclopedic knowledge
in an instant
let go


If you could help just 13 people…….

If you could help just 13 more people throughout the course of your life, whom would you choose to help? Would you stop for a day to feed and clothe a homeless friend and help get them back on their feet? Or would you instead choose to help someone achieve an improbable & immense philanthropic goal and thus indirectly help many more people in the end? This is a question I have recently asked myself many times over the last month. Who is to say that the homeless friend might not go on to do great things in their future? But is it not a safer bet and worth more of your time to help someone like Bono or the late Mother Teresa? In the end I know I will always attempt to make kindness a habit so that I use every chance I get. But it is an important exercise to sometimes determine the priorities in your life and within the goals you wish to accomplish.

I want to ask a favor of everyone who reads this short blog. If you could have the Kindness Crew help just 13 people who would some of those people be? Why and how could we help them? Would helping them make the world a better place? Does it matter so long as we help? The reason I ask is just hypothetically, if the Extreme Kindness Crew had a chance at a 13 episode TV show focused on helping others, how could we use that opportunity to further change our world into a better place? Just hypothetically of course.




Yep, kindness is just trucking along here. All sorts of fun stuff on the slate. One especially cool thing is that Do One Nice Thing has featured us on their site! Explore the site if you haven’t already. They are great people taking great action. Enjoy.


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The calculator and the smile.

If you paddle a kayak from Tofino, BC, to Vargas Island you will find a world where time doesn’t just stop: it never arrives.

Vargas Island is 4 kilometers-ish to the Northwest of Tofino. Lots of mossy cedars, wolves known only by their footprints and midnight ocean phosphorescence. The Buckles, the family that runs the Vargas Island Inn, have been homesteading there since 1908. The moist, spicy smell of cedar logs that they mill on property ticlkes the nose. When the small mill stops, the silence is deafening. Marilyn and Neil Buckle are isolated in many ways, but still hip to the ways of the world and its sad 6 o’clock news broadcasts.

When the big tsunami hit Southeast Asia a while ago the Buckles sent a care package to a tiny town in Indonesia. There is a picture of a boy, in one of their beach cabins, holding a calculator and wearing a huge smile.

He holds a sign that reads, Mr/Mrs Buckle: Thanks for your calculator, God bless you Bachtiar.

A huge smile.


Yogis for change

This past weekend, I joined over 600 blissed out Yogi’s in Vancouver’s Plaza of Nation’s for a Yogathon. The event was a trip – hundreds of people breathing and moving in synchronicity. All with one purpose: to spread love! The event was a fundraiser for Camp Moomba, an amazing program that benefits children who have be affected by Hiv/Aids. What an amazing example of pairing your passion with positive action. People getting healthy, while helping others doing the same! Rock-on-yoga-thon! Support them at www.campmoomba.com.




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