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Bestselling authors, corporate trainers and internationally acclaimed advocates for social change, the Kindness Crew is sparking a global revolution in kindness. From audiences at Fortune 500 Companies to entire metropolitan centers, the Crew has inspired and mobilized millions to commit acts of community service.

Circuit City’s firedog services

Matt Navitsky emailed me to let me know about an important contest. He writes:

My name is Matt Navitsky and I’m getting in touch with Extreme Kindness on behalf of Circuit City’s firedog services. The “firedog Across America” contest was launched by Circuit City this past winter to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to America’s firefighters. Now we need help selecting the $100,000 grand prize winner. On top of that, every vote cast will result in a $1 donation to the voter’s chosen firehouse. We’d be thrilled if you could let Extreme Kindness readers know about the contest so they can help raise money for America’s fire safety professionals.

Over 5,000 essays were submitted to firedog.com between December 6, 2006 and March 31, 2007, describing the ways in which these everyday heroes go above and beyond the call of duty. From helping communities recover after tragedies, to touching the hearts of those in need, these stories are truly inspiring. Circuit City recently visited the finalists and created a video story for each to help bring the essays to life. Videos for all finalists can be viewed here: http://web.firedog.com/acrossamerica/vote.aspx

Now that the ten finalists have been selected, we need everyone’s help deciding who the grand prize winner will be. Each of the ten finalist firehouses will receive $20,000 for much-needed equipment and the corresponding essay writer will receive a home “techover” worth $10,000, courtesy of Circuit City’s firedog(SM) services team.

And as a firedog Across America finalist, these ten firehouses are now eligible to win additional funding during this final stage of the campaign when America votes for a $100,000 grand prize winner. Until May 13, Americans can visit firedog.com to view all ten firehouse finalists’ stories (also pasted below this email) and vote for their favorite. Each vote will result in a donation of $1 to the voter’s chosen firehouse. At the culmination of the voting stage, the firehouse with the most votes will win the grand prize. The winner will be announced the week of May 14, 2007.

Circuit City developed firedog across America to kick off its new service, firedog, a one-stop shop for consumers’ technology needs: firedog.com. Circuit City’s firedog technicians install, optimize, repair, and make technology purchases simple so consumers don’t have to waste time with piles of manuals and tricky cables.

As part of the December launch, Circuit City and firedog also presented $100,000 donations to both the FDNY Foundation, which supports New York City Fire Department initiatives, and the National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children’s Foundation for its efforts in helping children of law enforcement and firefighting personnel. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and New York City Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta were on hand to receive the donations.

Again, we wanted to share information about the firedog Across America contest with Extreme Kindness in hopes that you’d let your readers know about it and help us honor and generate donations for America’s fire safety community. I’ve included the list of ten finalist firehouses below. Please let me know if you decide to encourage your readers to vote for their favorite at firedog.com or if I can provide you with further information.


CORPORATE CORE VALUES what are they and do they make a difference?

A company’s core values can say a lot about an organization.

Next time you are making a purchase ask yourself, what are the values of this company? Does the business stand by their values? Are you making a positive difference by choosing to support these values?

To better understand the concept of core values and their power, I have placed a short article below by Scott Bedbury.


Strong Coffee: Expanding Your Brand Without Diluting It
Scott Bedbury
A brand, says Scott Bedbury, is much more than a company’s product. A brand is a company’s DNA.

Bedbury realized that firsthand when he joined Nike in 1987. At that time, Nike was rapidly losing market share to Reebok. With Reebok eating Nike’s lunch, Nike’s executive team took a hard look at its brand and decided to reemphasize its core strength: athletics. That was still too narrow a strategy, because by building its brand solely around athletics, Nike would appeal only to serious athletes.

The goal of any brand, says Bedbury, is to “widen the access point”–to find the highest common denominator that appeals to as many customers as possible. To find its highest common denominator, Nike set out to identify its three core values–the strands that compose its DNA.

For Nike, these core values are:

Authenticity: Nike is authentic in everything it does.
Athletic: Nike appeals to serious athletes.
Performance: Nike’s products must meet the highest specs.
From this three-legged model, Nike identified its widest access point: the joy in sports fitness that’s available to everyone. In other words, “Just do it.”

For a brand to succeed, says Bedbury, a company must identify its three cores values — the gene pool that makes up the organization’s DNA. For Disney, these core values are:

Entertainment: the product itself, from theme parks to films.
Family: Disney’s community is a community of families –everything it does should be relevant to families.
Fun: Disney stands for fun.
For Disney, the “fun” component is the most important, because it provides an emotional cue that should be in the genetic makeup of every brand. While Nike’s brand has brought it tremendous success, its brand is suffering now precisely because it lacks an emotional cue — people lack an emotional connection with the brand.

How do you identify the gene pools for your company’s brand? It’s not an easy task, as the audience learned when it tried to do just that in breakout sessions ( groups tried to identify the core values of companies ranging from Martha Stewart to Amazon.com to Fast Company to the IRS ).

But companies tend to grow their brand from three distinct gene pools: its product or activity; its values; and its emotional cues. These values must be rooted in reality — no one is going to believe in a kinder, gentler Microsoft, for example. But they must also draw on an organization’s heredity — and what it aspires to be.



If you have the chance, just 1 minuute, you have to check out this guy Kevin Carroll. One of the many incredible people who have inspired the Kindness Crew and who we are PROUD to call a friend! He will teach you how to PLAY and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

(A little info below from his very cool website)
Kevin Carroll is the author of the highly successful Rules of the Red Rubber Ball. He is the founder of The Katalyst Consultancy where his “job” is to nurture and care for the individual and communal inner spirit and to inspire new ways of thinking. It is not unusual for him to work with CEOs from Fortune 500 companies and a group of equally unruly first graders on the same day. In fact, it’s expected. He considers himself an excitatory agent for change; in other words, he’s a Katalyst.

Raised by his grandparents in Philadelphia, Kevin spent endless hours at the neighborhood playground where he found his calling: a red rubber ball. Kevin’s pursuit of play and his red rubber ball took him overseas with the Air Force. Kevin spent ten years in the United States Air Force as a language interpreter and translator gaining fluency in Croatian, Czech and Serbian and conversational fluency in German and Russian.

After the Air Force, Kevin landed a job as the athletic trainer and physical education teacher at The Haverford School in Philadelphia, which quickly led to his job as the head athletic trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers. While at the 76ers, Nike founder and CEO Phil Knight tapped Kevin to bring his unique experiences to the sneaker giant and help inspire their creatives. Although no job existed at the time, Knight encouraged Kevin to hang out and create the job that would add value to the company. Kevin accepted the challenge and stayed for seven years as a Katalyst. He was instrumental in helping Nike develop a deeper understanding of athletic product performance, team dynamics and interpersonal communication. He was also the inspiration behind the Lance Armstrong wristband phenomenon. Kevin left in 2004 to found his own brand, The Katalyst Consultancy.”


Lost and Found

Ever found yourself seething because you can’t find your keys, or you left a grocery bag at the store? I have…many times!

It can be tough to stay centered, or positive when little stresses pile up in our lives, and it is important to have a system or a method for taking care of these stresses. Prevention of course is key: stay engaged in what you are doing, be patient in your work, take the time to put things in the same space all the time. Most of all: stay organized! These routines will help eliminate much of your distress before stress has the chance to surface. But, guess what, you will lose things! So here is a simple formula I have come up with to help me when my favorite dress shirt has walked away from my closet.

1. Choose to stay Positive through the process.

2. Begin to clean up the space you are looking in. This will allow you to feel productive during this process.

3. Set a time-specific goal.

4. Reward yourself when you find the item, and for cleaning up your space.

The Get Things Done formula will also help you to stay organized and on top of your work and life. This will minimize most of these issues before they arise.

The website is: http://www.davidco.com/


Forgiveness on-site

Is it possible to forgive someone on-site, without receiving an apology or admission? Do the personal feelings associated with forgiveness always necessitate the apology of another? It may be possible to move towards resolution with those who have wronged us by first releasing our hurt or anger. This can allow us to be in a space of grace when we meet that person to search for our answers and apologies. We can release the burden of pain that often cripples us and plunges us deeper into the anxiety and pain which is connected to being hurt.

I have begun to forgive on-site. Can you?

When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.”

To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

The forigiveness project is a powerful and important project which brings together people to engage in the process of forgiveness. The website has a plethora of stories about forgiveness in the most extreme of situations.




The Key to Success in Kindness

Richard St. John is a fellow Canadian, dedicated to spreading success and passion. In this three minute video, Richard, let’s us know how to achieve success in area of life. Two of his “8 Factors for Success” really stood out for me: Passion and Serve. These two pillars are what have driven the Extreme Kindness project. Pairing something you love to do with making a difference in the community is the main philosophy behind our work.

Right now I am racing through the book this presentation is based on: Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky and Rich, What Really Leads to Success – and it’s not smarts, looks or luck. The book has a beautiful minimalist design and is filled with insightful quotations from the world’s most succesful, in all areas of life. Anyone wanting to find success in serving the community should consider this book!


HUGATHON # 1 2007 April 22nd 1:00 PM PST

On April 22nd at 1:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time), over 1000 people around the world made the attempt to participate for 1 minute in the first global hugathon. If they happened to be standing by a stranger, anywhere in the world at 1:00 PM PST, they cheerfully asked the person if they would like a hug. No more no less.

The goal was to have people around the world hugging all at the same time.

The hugathon started with 20 emails being sent out on www.facebook.com from Brad Stokes two weeks before the event. This resulted in over 1800 people being invited with over 1000 making the attempt to hug other people given the opportunity.

Remember that it takes no time to make a difference. All you have to do is be creative and be online.

Join Brad Stokes facebook to be a part of the next Hugathon!




I believe that authenticity is a foundational aspect of being kind. In order to live in true compassion, we must be truthful in our words, action and emotions. Here, Robin Sharma, famed life coach and friend of the Kindness Crew speaks on this topic.


1 Week to go until Hugathon #1

Can Facebook help make the world a better place?

The Answer is YES!

On April 22nd at 1:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). If you are standing by a stranger, anywhere in the world, cheerfully ask them if they would like a hug.

No more no less.

The goal is to have people around the world hugging all at the same time.

This event has 526 confirmed guests.
Check out the link for pictures and to register http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2274949887

Remember the Pay It Forward equation and invite your friends to attend.

Thanks for making the world a better place one hug at a time!



Extreme Kindness Hug a Stranger at 1:00 PM April 22nd

Hugathon #1
Sunday, April 22, 2007
1:00pm – 1:05pm
Location: Where ever you are in the world

So I just got hooked on www.facebook.com and immediately wanted to see if Facebook can help make the world a better place.

The Answer is YES!

On April 22nd at 1:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). If you are standing by a stranger, anywhere in the world, cheerfully ask them if they would like a hug. No more no less. The goal is to have people around the world hugging strangers all at the same time. If you get a fun picture or a cool story, share it at www.facebook.com by joining this event on Brad Stokes facebook event listing or at www.extremekindness.com by writing to Brad’s Blog. Feel free to also post any video footage on youtube.

Good luck and have fun. Lets see if we can get at least 1000 ppl playing for the first hugathon hosted by all Kindness Crew members (this means you)!

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