Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

Connecting the world through kindness.

Bestselling authors, corporate trainers and internationally acclaimed advocates for social change, the Kindness Crew is sparking a global revolution in kindness. From audiences at Fortune 500 Companies to entire metropolitan centers, the Crew has inspired and mobilized millions to commit acts of community service.

Kindness in Comox Valley

Well I am having an amazzzzzzzzzzing time connecting with all the great schools here in the Comox Valley.  The week schedule is below and a special thanks to

Crown Isle http://www.crownisle.com

Mountain West Properties http://www.mountainwestproperties.ca/

and Kyle Timms for getting me here!  Looking forward to today!

9:00 – Aspen Park

10:30 – Puntledge Park

1:00 – Robb Road

Tuesday, Nov 16

9:00 – Courtenay

10:30 – Royston

1:00 – Denman

Wednesday, Nov 17

9:00 – Queneesh

10:30 – Airport

1:00 – Miracle Beach

Thursday, Nov 18

9:00 – Valley View

10:30 – Lake Trail


Kindness Attacks New York City


Just click on the link above for a New York Extreme Kindness Adventure!


brewing some good



Connected Business Leaders

A few years ago, led by Ros Taylor Ltd, a leading firm of Chartered Psychologists, drew on responses from 1500 people from organizations of varying sizes throughout the UK about leadership in the workplace.

Key findings included:

  • 77 per cent of respondents said their boss was not interested in them
  • 90 per cent said their boss did nothing about poor performers
  • 79 per cent claimed their boss did not set clear objectives
  • 89 per cent said their boss lacked innovation and was unreceptive to new ideas

Ros Taylor, managing director of RTL commented:

“That’s only 15 per cent of people we asked who thought their boss was any good and 8 per cent who thought they were inspirational.” He went on to point out that while companies will try to get every last drop of value out of their cost base and spend millions on new technology and efficiencies, true leadership is being forgotten.


A business leader will often be over a 200 USD per annum investment on the company’s part. An investment that will have a direct effect on the human capital of the business, meaning the employees and ‘talent’ of the workforce.


In his book THE TIPPING POINT, Malcolm Gladwell, page 272, describes how the first fax machine was useless even though millions were spent on making it. Why? Because it was not connected to any other fax machines. With each new fax machine and new connection the network grew and so to did the true value of the technology. Businesses are not so much paying for the leader but the network that he creates and maintains. A NETWORK OF CONNECTION.

3 Steps to take for a Business Leader to Get CONNECTED:

  1. Lead don’t Manage: Be available to help, inspire and be passionate but don’t micromanage. Think of a coach for a pro soccer team. He will give vision, strategy and advice but he is not going to tell his players how to run, breath and eat during the game.
  2. Write down your Character Strengths
    1. _______________
    2. _______________

A Leaders Character will be the lifeline of his troops. Without character a persona cannot hope to lead. Get to know yourself and define who you are. Connect with your true self and be honest about where you might have to develop your personal character.

  1. Vision: Write it down, draw a picture, touch it and practice different ways of communicating it every day. As it changes and grows you should be the first to know.
    1. VISION in 10 words________________________________
    2. VISION in 3 Words_________________________________
    3. Draw your vision in 55 seconds below:


How to Live Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness is a phrase we use to express doing what you love and making a difference at the same time. I was privileged to listen to Rob Dyke share his epic story of adventure last night in my hometown of Powell River. He is an individual who epitomizes the spirit of Extreme Kindness.


I first learned of Rob at university when I read about his adventures in a health and human potential course. Rob has a very invigorating perspective on life one grounded belief our ability to,

“Just say Yes!”

Rob’s life pursuits have included swimming through the graveyard of the Pacific – a treacherous stretch of coastline which has claimed many ships and climbing to the North Col on Mount Everest.

What has separated Rob from so many adventurers is his commitment to helping others through his epic exploits. On Everest, he supported two separate teams, cooking for them, and worked supported both the Red Cross and Vancouver Children’s Hospital by swimming the 56 km from Vancouver to Victoria and later swimming 1400 km around Vancouver Island.


Rob’s message is one of commitment to something big in your own life, and doing the lonely work – taking the simple daily steps needs to complete a larger journey. For myself and many others,

“Rob is the big engine that could – he is an ordinary man that consistently does extraordinary things.”

Rob’s ultra-marathon swim took him over three months to complete. On his trip he was joined by dolphins, porpoises, sea lions and cruise ships.

Rob introduces a way of approaching problems and situations with a positive perspective. Rob explores how each seeming failure can be turned into a success by keeping a ‘yes’ outlook.

Rob is now a partner in a successful speakers bureau and wellness company, Speakwell, and he continues to share his optimistic message of personal commitment and potential.header-left


Kindness in Scotland

While I was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada, my first memories are of the Isle of Skye in Scotland. For most of my youth and adult life, it has been a consistent dream to return there and discover what I can of the place where the sea and sky meet. Last week I finally stood in the highlands of Skye once more, remembering the small town of Sconcer where I lived and also of getting lost, much to my mothers despair, in the Cullin Hills (think of a smaller but no less formidable set of North America’s Rocky Mtns).


On the third day of our stay, my girlfriend and I discovered a wonderful bakery, proclaimed to be the oldest on the island. The couple who owned the bakery kept us entertained with stories and Scottish pies, while a neighborhood cat share a table with us. Upon leaving, two free brownies were placed into our hands with cheerful farewells. More then the beautiful landscape and the amazing stone castles, this act of kindness made me feel as if I had truly come home. 30 minutes later, however, we discovered that I had left my passport and wallet at the bakery by mistake. I immediately turned the car around and drove quickly North back to the end of the island. When I entered the bakery for the 2nd time I was greeted with happy cries and hugs. They had phoned the police they were so worried that I might not return for my passport. Their genuine caring and friendly hearts were the best part of our Scottish trip.

So the next time you meet a traveler from a distant land, make sure to greet him or her with a smile and if possible a small act of kindness. You might just be bringing them home.



Can your company catch a boomerang?

A culture of kindness keeps employees coming back…


Can your company catch a boomerang? If it can, it will open itself to an incredible source of skilled and trustworthy employees. Boomerang employees – a phrase coined by workplace experts after the Australian, Aboriginal hunting tool – are returning top performers and high achievers who left the workplace to advance careers, increase wages or pursue independent work.

The challenge in today’s shifting marketplace is retaining talent. However, there is an increasing stream of employees who are coming back to the workplace because of the benefits of working for their former employer. If the fit is right for the employee to return, there are substantial reciprocal benefits.

Workplace researchers have found that returning employees bring new skills, insights and perspectives developed during the in-between period. This includes having an intimate knowledge of the culture, market vertical and business operations. The increased value may also be found in the employees’ enhanced problem solving and creative abilities. There is also a direct financial benefit to hiring boomerang employees: the cost of hiring, recruiting and training new employees, is substantial. Hiring a Boomerang employee eliminates the majority of this cost.

How can a company ensure they attract boomerang employees? Organizations can build an unforgettable culture emphasizing positive relationships, balance, leadership and kindness. Corporate social responsibility and internal culture are increasingly values that attract and retain employees. When these values are extended to co-workers, customers, and the community, employees develop a deep connection and bond with the organization.

The Kindness Crew specializes in building healthy, connected and productive workplaces that are certain to attract boomerang employees and other top performers. Their presentation, the Kindness Injection delivers the four basic steps to building a culture of kindness. The Kindness Crew has worked with a range of organizations, including Investors Group, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, SAS, Columbia Sportswear, University of British Columbia and Tourism BC. If you are interested in having the Kindness Crew speak at your next workshop or keynote please contact the National Speakers Bureau.


We remember again: change is possible!


Generation We!

America moves from Me to We!


The Greatness Guide

In this fantastic sequel to the international bestseller The Greatness Guide, Robin Sharma shares insights and tools on leadership and personal success. The reader will receive uncommon advice including Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You, Ask to Get, Fail Faster, Be a Cool Brand and Live an Intense Life.

101 simple yet powerful lessons that will help you work effectively and live with passion.


One of my favorite quotes from the book is found on page 119,

“Find ways to connect. With the people you work with. With the loved ones you live with. And with the strangers with whom you share this journey called life.”

I strongly recommend this book and reading a page a day. Focus on incorporating one Greatness Guide step into your day. IT WORKS! Thats my B-rad Activity for this week, HAVE FUN!


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