Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

If you could help just 13 people…….

If you could help just 13 more people throughout the course of your life, whom would you choose to help? Would you stop for a day to feed and clothe a homeless friend and help get them back on their feet? Or would you instead choose to help someone achieve an improbable & immense philanthropic goal and thus indirectly help many more people in the end? This is a question I have recently asked myself many times over the last month. Who is to say that the homeless friend might not go on to do great things in their future? But is it not a safer bet and worth more of your time to help someone like Bono or the late Mother Teresa? In the end I know I will always attempt to make kindness a habit so that I use every chance I get. But it is an important exercise to sometimes determine the priorities in your life and within the goals you wish to accomplish.

I want to ask a favor of everyone who reads this short blog. If you could have the Kindness Crew help just 13 people who would some of those people be? Why and how could we help them? Would helping them make the world a better place? Does it matter so long as we help? The reason I ask is just hypothetically, if the Extreme Kindness Crew had a chance at a 13 episode TV show focused on helping others, how could we use that opportunity to further change our world into a better place? Just hypothetically of course.


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3 Responses to “If you could help just 13 people…….”

  1. Traci Dirom Says:
    June 15th, 2006 at 8:17 am

    I think you should spend some time helping everybody help themsevles. There are many organizations and out there that no one even knows about you could change that. You could also educate. Educate those who are different and help them understand that they are not and educate those who are “the same” realize that everyone is different and unique and that teasing those you see as “different” is wrong. There are too many bullied children in this world. Mostly, help the children, they are so much more fragile and vulnerable then the rest of us

  2. Nancy Knapp Says:
    June 15th, 2006 at 11:37 am

    Food for thought!! Thanks for your insights. I feel a massive paradigm shift or is it just that I am attracted to like-minded people and literature. Keep up the great work. Nancy

  3. Christopher Says:
    June 19th, 2006 at 11:36 am

    I think the Kindness Crew should help Free the children out in Toronto.

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