Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

At The Feet Of Buddha Coconut.

Perfection is a coconut.

Lay aside for a moment the debate over whether it’s a fruit or a nut and this uber-object will quietly blow your melon. Food, fuel, drink and oil…the list goes on. The white meat can be rubbed on the skin as a moisturizer and mild sun block (SPF 5 seriously!). Polynesians and other advanced cultures did more than just make bikinis with the shells: they pounded the fibrous husk into clothing (exceptionally breathable in tropical climes). If one day you fall overboard it could be a coconut that saves your life due to its beach-ball buoyancy; a nifty design feature that helps it propagate its species, Cocos nucifera, over great bodies of water. Arguably the greatest use of the coconut was the employment of its shell to make the sound of horses’ hooves in the classic, Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

You get the idea. It;s the rock star of fruit or nuts.

For me, the coconut has always been a metaphor for infinite possibility and pure dynamism.

Among the lessons the coconut has taught me, one rises above the others much like the coco cream rises and separates itself from the milk when left to stand. A coconut can be tossed into the Gobi desert and still produce a palm as green as unripe bananas! Why? Because it nourishes itself from within. Even under a scorching sun, even beneath a sky that promises no water and while resting on cracked earth determined to receive no roots, this divine seed still shoots toward heaven undeterred. In a fecund, organic firework display of joy and persistence it survives and thrives. I’m coco, watch me soar!

John Donne said, ‘No man is an island’. He obviously never met a coconut.

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