Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

My palm pilot saved the world

Yesterday, I was talking to someone about our Kindness Crew t-shirts and the philosophy behind them: wearing the shirt is a symbol of kindness that shows you are committed to a kinder world. Sharing this made me realize that I want our shirts one day to be an icon of kindness and connection to other humans. Hopefully these shirts will be able to create awareness and raise funds for projects that make a difference. To date so far Extreme Kindness has been able to reach a modest total of eighty dollars towards kind causes. This amount may not be able to move mountains, however, we believe that through small consistent actions and giving we will create healthy communities. For the past two months that money, has been building, waiting, for us to use it to help someone in the community. We are now ready to give it up, all of it! We are looking for ideas about how we can use this money for kind acts. We need your help to help!

I have a vision, where people will wear the kindness crew as they do the Livestrong bracelet (the bracelets, created by the Lance Armstrong foundation have raised awareness and millions of dollars for the lance Armstrong foundation); proudly, knowing that their shirt is more that a product, or a garment, it represents love, and gives them further liberties to extend this feeling to others outside of their circle of friends and family. In a world that constantly isolates through increased computer use, long commutes in cities and gated neighborhoods, the kindness crew t-shirt will be a magnet that attracts kindness, and brings people together, one on one and in groups to volunteer.

As I look on my desktop, I see a bottle of water, a watch, a palm pilot, and sunglasses, not to mention the apple computer that I type on. I wonder if each of these products couldn’t themselves be used to raise money and awareness for a particular cause, Why couldn’t the water bottle have a message about the perils of water an air pollution, with a certain percentage of each bottle going towards such a cause. Maybe built into my palm pilot could be a resource listing ways I can change the world. Couldn’t my watch help remind me to be compassionate. Right now, I set my alarm to take a break from writing and working, but, what if I was to set it so that every half and hour I was reminded to think about how I could help one more person. Considering that we live in such a heavy consumer culture, it is time to re-think how we use our products and what new value and meaning could be attached to these every day products. What do you have on your desk that could change the world? Imagine!

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