Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

So I just got punched in the stomach…..

It is so easy to get caught up in the small day to day stresses and details of life. Yesterday I was pouring myself into a small cup of self pity. My regular excuses for this monthly activity were as usual, lack of sleep, no time to eat or exercise, a messy office, money problems and just all round frustration. Before the day finished though, I received a good hard shot to my stomach.

Metaphorically speaking, this punch to my midsection and heart came from the email below, sent to us via our website:

Dear. Extreme Kindness,
I recently had a coworker pass away. Her name was S_______, She was 31 years old and gave birth to two healthy twin boys on April 14th. A week later she fell ill and was rushed to the hospital and had a blood
clot to her brain, the doctors did several operations to relieve the pressure on her brain. On April 29th she passed away leaving behind a husband, a beautiful six year old daughter and two newborns. We are
getting a fundraiser together to raise money for her children and could really use some acts of kindness(angels) to help us. Thank you for your time and God Bless, Brandy

Stories like this can help us all put normal and small problems into perspective. For example I can choose to sleep, exercise and eat more. Honestly, if money becomes too much of an issue I can, if I have to, find another career. But that man will never have his wife back nor will the baby twins ever truly meet their mother. This short email caused me to remember once again, as so many other stories have, that I am so incredibly lucky to have such normal problems. It hasn’t always been the case and I doubt I will always be so fortunate. But I should at least be able to enjoy it when I can and help others while I have the strength.

Brandy (the wonderful lady who wrote the email), could you please comment on this blog and send people your fundraising information and details?

If anyone else has any cool fundraising ideas for Brandy and her friend’s family, please send us your comments attached to this blog. Every idea can help and I am sure the family would appreciate even a quick letter of support.


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