Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

Financially challenged!

We all are financially challenged in some way and that challenge has limited my participation in random kindness. I have thought to myself,

“I would love to help that person out if I just had a couple extra bucks to spare.”

I now no longer have that problem. No, I have not become wealthy beyond my wildest needs. I still live on very little but have discovered a way to loosen most financial burden around my random acts of kindness. I was reading the Keilburger’s book, Me to We and they featured a chapter on the guy who started a website called modestneeds.com. Essentially, he realized he would never become a wealthy philanthropist with his current salary so he committed to giving away 10% of whatever he earned. He then started a website where people could come and apply for small sums of money that would help them get through rough financial stints much like many had done for him in the past. The website worked and not only did thousands hit the site requesting assistance; thousands more hit the site to donate money to be given away. To date modestneeds.com has given away over $ 300,000 USD and is moving full steam ahead.

Although I haven’t quite come up with a brilliant follow up yet I did start my own bank account where at each paycheque I donate between a small percentage to be used for random kindness (and trust me sometimes it’s small). I don’t even notice this money is gone and it seems to collect pretty quickly.

Now whenever consider paying the person’s toll in the car behind me or want to support a starving young musician I am relieved and catalyzed into kindness knowing I have already allotted the funds for this very cause.

So my financial challenge for all the financially challenged is to start a bank account for random kindness. Put a small amount in each paycheque and empower yourself to commit an act of kindness.

Have an awesome week,


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One Response to “Financially challenged!”

  1. Jen Says:
    May 4th, 2006 at 5:10 pm

    Now THIS is inspiring. So often we fail to realize what a big difference we can make with something very little. You put away a few pennies every month and eventually they begin to add up … much like bills and debt actually. So you get to drink one less Starbucks coffee a month. That sum could give someone his/her FIRST Starbucks coffee on a day when they really need it.

    We get so caught up in our consumerist culture that one day we realize our heart has been beating ‘more m-more m-more’. Has it made you any happier? It may have made life ‘easier’ but has it made it more fun? My favorite memories are those full of laughter, and some of the best of these came from times where not a penny was spent on oneself. Sometimes not a penny was spent at all.

    I get my kindness money from what I don’t spend. I love having a fancy-wancy flavorful coffee. I used to have one every week. It was a conscious decision to cut back to one per month so that I could have spare change for the guy on the corner – whoever he may be. I now have at least $15 I can spend on others each month – and my fancy coffee tastes even better!

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