Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

New York: The Big Apple & The Caring City

New York used to be a place of crime and rudeness. Or at least many of us thought. In a recent news article reporter Andrew Cohen stated that 30 years ago New York “was a sorry dominion of decay, white flight, black anger, crime and disorder” However the same reporter goes on to state that “New York is the capital of the world again. It is an engine of prosperity and imagination–It is also, strangely enough, terribly, terribly polite today”.

Possible reasons for this are many and varied. But I like the idea, as does Andrew Cohen, that the “Big Easy” has begun incorporating into the day to day laws for the conduct and behavior of its citizens. Small acts of kindness such as bannning cell phones from theaters and feet from on top subway seats. By encouraging people to honour those small but important feats of civility, New York is changing its reputation and indeed, its entire culture for the better.

Last summer we travelled to New York and experienced one of the kindest places we have ever visited. The people of the city were warm and eager to interact with us as we crossed through the burrows hugging and high fiving our way to a kinder world. If New York is the Rome of today then perhaps our world is on the mend. Thank you New york for giving me hope.

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