Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

Give without measuring.

What would our world it be like if we offered before we asked, gave before we took and helped before we demanded assistance? And what would it be like if we were to give without measuring?

Many parts of our lives are still measured in checks and balances, filtered through the warped childhood-calculus of Even-Steven. How often have you felt justified borrowing a roommate’s jacket without asking because you KNOW they’re eating your food? Or perhaps you’re not returning a phone call because last week your call wasn’t returned promptly enough. You supply the example, there are certainly plenty.

But there is one offering, one act of human kindness that we all struggle with. It’s really the granddaddy of all GIVES and the penultimate gobbling of humble pie: the apology. We drag our heels over the 5-letter S-word because we feel we are somehow losing something, that the math will be off. The books cooked. Consider this: an apology isn’t something a person takes from you, it is something you give. Indeed, its very power lies within its nature as a gift.

Do you give a gift and expect one in return or do you give without measuring?

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