Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

Be Kind to the environment. David Suzuki’s Nature Challenge!

Last night I had the privilege of listening to a Canadian icon, David Suzuki. A leader in the field of environmental responsibility, he has penned his last book, an autobiography, and was in Victoria to talk about it. Listening to Dr. Suzuki, I was in awe of the living legacy that he has created around the globe. He has helped champion and catalyze a movement that undoubtedly has improved the lives of millions of humans and animals on this earth. I was also inspired by the rich life that he had had, not in terms of personal possessions, but of experience. From saving sections of the rainforest in the Amazon and in British Columbia, to meeting some of the most incredible human beings to walk this world, he has done so much. All of this is because he had a vision of helping to improve our world. David truly embodies the spirit of Extreme Kindness: pairing his love for the environment with taking action to improve it.

A year ago, while visiting the David Suzuki Foundation website, I signed up for the nature challenge. This challenge offers up 10 simple ways in which we can change our lifestyle habits to improve the environment and achieve sustainability in Canada within a generation. Please take the time to visit the site and sign up for the challenge at www.davidsuzuki.org. We need to take extreme action if we want our planet to be healthy for the next generation. It is the kind thing to do!

Here are the 10 suggestions:

1.Reduce home energy use by 10%

2.Choose an energy-efficient home and appliances

3.Don’t use pesticides

4.Eat meat-free meals one day a week

5.Buy locally grown and produced food

6.Choose a fuel efficient vehicle

7.Walk, bike carpool or take transit

8.Choose a home close to work or school

9.Support alternative transportation

10.Learn more and share with others

Keep up the Kindness,


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