Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness


I have recently been lucky enough to be connected to a very incredible person. His name is Schmuel Green and he is the founder of the website and movement, http://www.PartnersInKindness.org. Shmuel was brought to my attention by Debbi Tenzer another kindness guru, who is the creator of www.donicething.com, the website I mentioned in my last blog. Debbi encouraged me to email Shmuel about his story and I found it be a powerful one. His story will bring tears to your eyes and smiles to your heart. Make sure to check out his website to learn more about how, after going through a tragic event, Shmuel decided to retaliate with kindness instead of more violence. You can also sign up for a great free newsletter that showcases stories of kindness from around the world from over 40,000 people. Below is part of an email that Shmuel recently sent me:

“Last week, one of my Kindness advisors sent me an e-mail link to an article in the New York Times about how medical researches have found that acts of kindness stimulate the brain in the same place that physical pleasures do. So now medical researchers have shown that doing kindness causes enjoyment. From this you can see one way that I cope with tragedy – I receive tremendous pleasure by promoting kindness.

My favorite author on kindness is Zelig Pliskin. In his book Kindness, he presents eighty-five techniques to find new opportunities to do kindness by improving yourself and improving the world around you. In one chapter he explains how you can feel the thrill of an international sports victory every day if you visualize 100,000 people applauding for you and cheering you on when you do an act of kindness. Studies have shown that our hormonal system has actual biochemical responses even though the victory is totally a figment of our imagination.”

http://www.PartnersInKindness.org Shmuel Greenbaum

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