Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

Follow your Bliss!

When we began working on this project we started working together for the expressed purpose of having a great time and I truly believe that is why the Crew is still rocking. It’s not to say that we don’t have our tough days, but in all honesty we have way too much fun! Granted the subject we speak about and act on in pretty inspiring, (at least in my opinion) but I think Brad often sums it up quite handily when pressed by reporters.

“Why do you guys do this?”

“It’s simple, I have a great time. If I have a way to make a difference I try to get up in the morning and bring what I want to experience with me.”

I believe if you can find ways to make a difference doing things you love you create a sustainable system for changing the world. It works on so many levels!

On a core level I believe that it is important to follow your bliss. At every possible opportunity look at the path ahead and genuinely look at how you can optimize your fun. Following your bliss at a deep level means making the decisions that matter for YOUR right reasons. Really, as far as I can verify, you only have on shot at this whole birth through death adventure, might as well have a great time. Now to add the simple caveat that during this search you look for opportunities to create better the world and MANALIVE you are on the path to a fulfilling life.

On another level when big decisions appear to be set and you have to bury your nose in the books, your work or a relationship the intention toward following your bliss need not be lost. We all have to push though times in our lives where we don’t necessarily feel connected to our true purpose and it’s challenging. When you train yourself to find the bliss in already established routines you challenge yourself to think creatively, inspire others and be true to yourself. As my friend Kevin Carroll refers to it, that is The Hero’s Journey. They are the challenging, often lonely times that everyone encounters. But when met with a diligent pursuit of self and a genuine concern for others, these trials become the heroic path that defines and distinguishes heroic people.

On a superficial level to carry and follow bliss randomly in your daily life is so unbelievably powerful, that it often blows my mind. The interactions and connections with random people, places or things I have had, simply because I have decided to follow that interesting smell, or help that stranger, have been some of the experiences that have shaped the core values in my life. Not to mention they have been some of my best adventures.

So here it is a weekly challenge and it’s nothing but fun!

Follow it. Follow your bliss. Do it today. Do something that makes you happy and try to pair it with some form of kindness. If you have a big decision to make, it you are locked into a routine or if you are simply walking to the store a cup of unsweetened soy milk live your bliss. If you have an open mind and are willing to see where it takes you, I can guarantee you are in for an adventure.

Have fun.



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One Response to “Follow your Bliss!”

  1. Pat Harrington Says:
    April 28th, 2006 at 9:19 pm

    Read your blog and agree with bliss and kindness or kind acts somehow sharing the same space. It seems right, part of the natural order, but we often forget that. Should let you know that I write mystery novels and I have my sleuth “following her bliss,” which gets her into trouble. However, I like to think that she uses her smarts and compassion to help folks out, along with solving the whodunit involved. Best wishes.

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