Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

The Greatness Guide

In this fantastic sequel to the international bestseller The Greatness Guide, Robin Sharma shares insights and tools on leadership and personal success. The reader will receive uncommon advice including Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You, Ask to Get, Fail Faster, Be a Cool Brand and Live an Intense Life.

101 simple yet powerful lessons that will help you work effectively and live with passion.


One of my favorite quotes from the book is found on page 119,

“Find ways to connect. With the people you work with. With the loved ones you live with. And with the strangers with whom you share this journey called life.”

I strongly recommend this book and reading a page a day. Focus on incorporating one Greatness Guide step into your day. IT WORKS! Thats my B-rad Activity for this week, HAVE FUN!


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