Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

How is Extreme Kindness Spiritual?

We were recently asked to speak on the spiritual aspect of Extreme Kindness.

I thought that this would be an easy question to answer at first. But I quickly realized that very often, matters of the spirit, can be elusive in their description and not as tangible as we would like. Like any contemporary seeker I immediately turned to the ultimate source of modern day knowledge; Wikipedia.

“Spirituality, in a narrow sense, concerns itself with matters of the spirit. The spiritual, involving (as it may) perceived eternal verities regarding humankind’s ultimate nature, often contrasts with the temporal, with the material, or with the worldly. A sense of connection forms a central defining characteristic of spirituality connection to something greater than oneself, which includes an emotional experience of religious awe and reverence. Equally important, spirituality relates to matters of sanity and of psychological health. Like some forms of religion, spirituality often focuses on personal experience (see mysticism).

Spirituality may involve perceiving life as higher, more complex or more integrated with one’s world view; as contrasted with the merely sensual. A common theme of spirituality in many traditions, is thus the path, work, practice, or tradition of perceiving and internalizing one’s true nature and relationship to the rest of existence (ie, God, creation, or life), and of becoming free of the lesser egoic self (or ego) in favor of being more fully ones true Self.”

Okay now we have a common platform to all jump into the waters of our inner selves.

Extreme Kindness began for the four of us as a way to PROTECT our spirits. We had just watched September 11th with the rest of the world. Glued to the TV, wishing for change yet feeling powerless to do anything about it. My mother had also recently passed away just a few months prior. On September 11 2001, we went out to commit our first marathon of extreme kindness to preserve our HOPE. Hope in the world, our fellow man but also ourselves. Hope that we might do something to help the people around us.

I also believe that the spirit needs to have FUN. Extreme Kindness is all about connecting with each other and ones true self through laughter and joy. Happiness and Kindness is the spirits natural programming. We all start as babies who experience pure JOY and WONDERMENT of the world around us. A mothers KIND touch, a fathers song and a siblings smile. When we are having a good time is often when we feel most in touch with ourselves, the ones we love and the world around us. I personally find that the best ANSWERS come when I am laughing.

Extreme Kindness has given each of us a connection to something greater than oneself. Enough said here.

When performing acts of kindness you step out of the material world and into the realm of feelings. I love the temporal reality I spend much of my time in, but to every so often touch that other place that so often remains hidden can truly be addictive.

Maybe that is because every time I give, receive or witness an act of kindness, my brain produces more Serotonin (Did I spell that right?). That’s the natural hormone our bodies give us to feel happy. Now that has to be good for matters of sanity and of psychological health.

To wrap up thus the path. Extreme Kindness walks in the real world on a real journey for a better understanding of real human beings and being human.

I hope this helps and please let us know your thoughts as well.


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24 Responses to “How is Extreme Kindness Spiritual?”

  1. Val Says:
    March 22nd, 2007 at 8:43 am

    Dude this is really cool, thank for this! Are you going for your doctorate in philosophy?


  2. Christopher Says:
    March 25th, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    Love the blog!

    C-love u

  3. Samantha Says:
    March 26th, 2007 at 5:36 pm

    It has come to me recently that it is so much more powerful to be proactive. Kindness allows one to see things that would have be rather obscure to them otherwise…

    What does kindness bring to a child?… empathy, inspiration,sesitiveness, possibly warmth, and ultimately pride. I think it is such a fundamental element in the nurturing of our inner selves and if we could incorporate kindness as a setting for our children to be a part of at an early age.. just think of the possibilities.

    Loved your insight on kindness… very often overlooked or dismissed as a “soft issue”, but the impact is phenomenal within ourselves alone as well as the world around us. Simple kindness.. in my opinion, could be the most vital key to the riddle of how people can learn to live with one another…

    I will leave you with a quote I came across…

    Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who’ll never find out – Frank A. Clark

  4. Tink Says:
    March 27th, 2007 at 11:00 am

    Yo B-Licious,

    Luv this blog entry, I find it an energizing reminder as an addition to a well-lived life plus a very strong statement on what the four of you practice.


    T-Ruly Inspired

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