Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness

Kindness Crew Visits Kansas City on FOX

Kansas City Kindness Crew

Click on the above link to enjoy a quick video on the Kansas City Kindness Crew on FOX


Kindest Kansas Citian

Kindest Kansas Citian

Celebrating 21 Years of Kindness
Kindness is still contagious…after all these years! We are very  excited that the nationally-acclaimed Kindness Crew will join us for thev21st Annual Kindest Kansas Citian Awards Dinner!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hyatt Regency Crown Center   5:00p.m. Reception & Silent Auction

6:30p.m. Dinner & Program

Join us at this family-friendly affair as we induct Diane Davidneras the first member of Kansas City’s own

Kindness Crew and honor Barsto Construction Inc. as Kansas City’s Kindest Business. We will

also recognize Horizon Elementary with theRita Blitt Kindest School award for outstanding work

to foster kindness and eliminate bullying and other forms of violence. And at the heart of our celebration,

are of course the 20 area citizens selected from thousands of student nominations to be celebrated as Kind Kansas Citians.

Proceeds benefit Synergy’s STOP Violence programs , which provide anti-bullying and other violence prevention programs

throughout the community.

Contact Orlandra Brown at 816-505-4914 for more information.


Brain Rules

Great book by John Medina. BRAIN RULES

Quote of the day:

Page 187

“Stress is behind more then half of the 550 million working days lost each year”


Get out there and hug someone! lol.  Increase your Seratonin.





From the amazing lady who brought the world the ‘Pay It Forward’ concept, a great article on the best possible gift.


A Kind Hello



USA Today Nice Guys Die Last

Absolutely loved this article that Chris passed on to me!  Share it with ppl!

Daniel Pink (@DanielPink)
10-11-30 6:42 PM
From survival of the fittest to “survival of the kindest”? (via USA Today and Tom Welch) . . .http://usat.ly/hrvy08


One Hug at a time

By Erin Haluschak – Comox Valley Record
Published: November 25, 2010 6:00 PM
Updated: November 25, 2010 6:53 PM

Brad Stokes is sure that he can change the world with a hug.

And if it sounds like a big challenge, he is not only willing to prove it to one person, but to thousands.

Stokes — one member of the four-person Kindness Crew — demonstrated his passion for his goal to students Wednesday morning at Queneesh Elementary School as part of the Extreme Kindness Crew touring 11 Comox Valley schools this week.

Stokes is in the middle of attempting to speak to 10,000 students prior to Christmas about the value of kindness in hopes to inspire students to create their own acts of kindness towards each other and their communities.

“Random acts of extreme kindness is something you like to do while making a positive impact on the community,” he said.

The Kindness Crew also includes Val Litwin, Erik Hanson and Chris Bratseth; four friends who, motivated by the 9/11 attacks, travel the world promoting kindness “to make the community a better place, and in turn, it makes you happier and healthier,” noted Stokes.

To prove his point, Stokes enlisted the help of students to run the Gauntlet of Goodwill, a speedy checkpoint-like race where students and teachers alike gave students a compliment, a high-five and a hug.

In 2002, Stokes and his crew travelled to downtown Toronto to hold a kindness protest, where the Kindness Crew offered hugs and held signs in a busy downtown street corner, which read ‘honk for kindness.’

They also visited New York City and worked with mayor Michael Bloomberg’s volunteer centre.

As a result of their work in the city, the group appeared on Good Morning America, promoting the idea to create crews in communities across the United States.

“Don’t ever discount what seems like a small idea … believe in your good ideas,” said Stokes.

He added the sense of urgency to take their kindness idea and spread it around the world came from his mom’s approach to dealing with terminal ovarian cancer.

“The weaker she got — the more acts of kindness she did. She told me not to wait to make the world a better place. She told me acts of kindness are the one thing you remember when you’re that close to death,” Stokes noted.

For more information on the Kindness Crew, visit www.extremekindness.com.


Brad Stokes (right) demonstrates his world’s best hugger form by laying one on Kyle Timms. Photo by Erin HaluschakNewS.8.20101125184357.Kindness_20101126.jpg


Kind Video

Click on this link:

Kindness on the streets


Acts of Kindness Warm BC Up

Tamara Cunningham, Comox Valley Echo

Published: Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Acts of kindness warm a cold day

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eleven-year-old Jazzy Strand stood outside a Comox grocery store shivering despite her winter coat.

The temperatures were sub-zero and her hands were red from the biting cold – but as soon as those store doors swished open, she was the first to skip up to customers with a toothy grin and chocolate chip cookie.

“Would you like a free cookie?” She asked an elderly couple. “What about a free coffee or a free high-five?” In the background, her classmates from Aspen Park Elementary, waved signs that read, ‘Have a Nice Day’ and ‘Free High-Fives’. Some students offered to carry groceries for customers or wipe snow off their windshields, while others complimented people on their winter gear.

On Monday morning, over 30 Grade 6 students weathered the cold outside Quality Foods, to deliver kindness to Comox residents.

It was the first time they’ve gotten together to elicit smiles and they hope it won’t be the last. Communities, like Comox, need people to brighten up their days every once and awhile, they said.

“We want people here to know we care and that a small kindness can go a long way,” said Justine McMahon, 11.

“We hope people pass this happiness on to another person and another until it keeps going in one big circle.” Casey Haddon, 11, who doled out coffee and high fives to customers, said it felt good to make people smile.

“It’s freezing cold out here but we think what we’re doing is well worth it.” She said.

The event was inspired by guest speaker, Brad Stokes, who toured area schools last week to tell students how easy it is to pay it forward.

Stokes is a do-gooder with The Kindness Crew, a group which has been spreading goodwill across the nation since 2002.

Students at Aspen Park were excited to learn just how easy it is to brighten someone’s day. They wanted to act locally and this is what they came up with, said Ann Lewis, a Grade 6 teacher at Aspen Park.

“For the most part people were really interested in what the kids were doing,” Lewis said.

There were only a few who gave the kids odd looks and wide berths because they didn’t understand why they were offering free coffee.

But shopper, Jessie Wallis got it.

“These kids were out in the cold just being genuine,” she said.

“Not only are they setting an example for kids in their school but showing the rest of the community how to be kind.” Wallis returned to the store soon after receiving a high-five, with 35 cups of hot chocolate.

“The kids looked so cold that I wanted to get them something and … show them if they continue to do kind acts, they’ll get kind acts in return.” She picked up the drinks at Tim Hortons and when the franchise heard of the students’ random act of kindness they paid for half the drinks.

Lewis said the kids were thrilled with the result.

“It wasn’t something they were expecting and they appreciated someone wanting them to keep on doing something like this.” tcunningham@comoxvalleyecho.com


Kindness In Comox Valley


Click on the above link to start your own kindness crew!


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