Extreme Kindness

Extreme Kindness


Charlie from Project Hello has just contacted me about collaborating with his incredible organization project hello. His work really embodies a spirit of embracing diversity and building community.

In Charlie’s words, Project Hello is “a homeless outreach philanthropy focusing on human dignity. We’ve been around for three years and hope to get a book made this summer that would be distributed to various politicians and institutions to bring about social change.”

Please have a look at the site and support this incredible project. He is currently seeking support to publish a book on the work of this project.




Chris’s search for meaning

The meaning of kindness
Our project, Extreme Kindness is in the business of helping companies become more compassionate. We are currently working with a company called, SAS (a business solutions firm) across the US to deliver a program called the Kindness Injection. This program focuses on Kindness to Self, Co-workers, Customers and the Community. We deliver an hour-long presentation to employees in the regional office and then mobilize the staff into the community to perform acts of community service.

In each of the four areas, we talk about and workshop how employees can highlight and enhance compassion. One of our strategies for doing this is to highlight books that embody this message. In my section, I am beginning to highlight, the book, Man’s search for Meaning, Victor Frankl story of his experiences in the Nazi concentration camps in WWII.

This book has allowed me to discuss how important it is for each of us to find purpose and meaning in life. In his book, Frankl discusses his theory of logotherapy, which embraces the notion that in order for humans to live a healthy, inspired life, we need to find a sense of purpose or meaning. He references service as a means of finding this sense of purpose, and this is something that has resonated with me every since reading this book. Service is such a powerful tool for taking the focus of the all-consuming ego, and pouring our energies into another. This, as we all have experienced, is very rewarding and makes us feel something many are lacking today: connection. Human beings are starved for affection in today’s independent culture and service can be the milk that nourishes us and make us whole. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is on the path of service and wants to feel more connected to themselves and those around them!


Up on the roof


Erik and Chris up on the roof on the Extreme Kindness Tour 2002 in Winnipeg.

I challenge you to get out and do some labour as an act of kindness!


Kindness Car Rally in Victoria

You are invited to the Extreme Kindness Car Rally, 9 am March 4th at Bastion Square!


This is the Kindness Crew’s first attempt at a random act of kindness, picture scavenger hunt. The challenge will be to do as many acts of kindness from a list given on the day and to capture them on film. Teams will be formed by how many people can fit into a vehicle – anywhere from 3 to 6 people per team. You can form your own team or join another. Each team will need a digital camera and whole lot of stoke! The event will take place in downtown Victoria.

Acts of kindness will be given a certain award value based on their level of difficulty (for example, if you can somehow get a picture of yourself doing an act of kindness for a prisoner, you will be getting an extreme number of points). Bonus points will be given for acts of kindness on the list that are paired up. Teams that dress up will also be given a small bonus. All pictures must be done on a digital camera. Pictures will be capped at a determined amount.

At the end of the day all the pictures will be loaded onto a computer and shown in a power point in the Tuscan Room at Moxies on Yates street. There will be prizes: hoards of money and free vacations! Well, maybe not, but there will be some great prizes.

Please help us connect the world through kindness by getting out for this bizarre breed of community service. It is going to be a blast!!

Car Rally Details

Date: March 4, 2006
Start Time: 9:00 am
Location: Bastion Square
End Time: 1 pm @ Moxies on Yates

Event Schedule

9:00 am Meet at Bastion Square
1:00 – 2:30 Lunch and Awards at Moxies in the Tuscan room.
Please bring money for lunch ifyou would like to eat with us.

Examples of Kindness Challenges

Not to give away too many, here are a few of the acts of kindness

1. Serenade someone
2. Give Mayor Allen Lowe a hug
3. Do an act of kindness at speakers corner
4. Shine the shoes of a politician
5. Give a police officer a back rub
6. Do an act of kindness on an airplane
7. Wash a dog
8. Do an act of kindness for a celebrity
9. Do an act of kindness for a bride and groom
10. Do an act of kindness at a sporting event.
11. Learn about and do an act of kindness for a non-profit organization
12. Raise 10 dollars for the Terry Fox Foundation


Please Respect people boundaries. Ask before you take a photo!
Please ask before you do a random act of kindness.
Be outrageous!

Looking forward to seeing all of you. Please respond if you would like to come. If you want to invite more people, please do!


Chris and the Kindness Crew


Initial Post

I couldn’t be more excited to finally have this forum to share and connect with all of you! I see this site as a venue and a vehicle to continue to build the Kindness Crew community across the globe!

Along with working on the Kindness Crew project, I am at the University of Victoria finishing my Masters of Arts degree in the Department of Education. I have been fortunate enough to find a way to pair the work we are doing with the Kindness Crew and my degree program. My research focus is on service learning (volunteer programs with a learning component). In particular, I am looking at broadening the research lens in the field of service learning to include the corporate setting. Essentially, I am looking to understand how enriched employee volunteer programs can benefit both the health community and company.

When I do find time (and I try to as much as possible!) I am balancing school and work with outrigger paddling, Ashtanga yoga, running and weight training. Taking this time revitalizes me and gives me the energy and focus I need to continue this mission.

I encourage you all to be the change you wish to see in the world…take a moments today to perform one act of kindness – bring fresh flowers to your neighbors, wash your parents’ car and get out into your community to volunteer!

Keep the Kindness coming!!

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